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Firdaus Akmal Engagement

27 December 2009 Me was in Kluang attending my sister in law engagement. She asked me to cover her ceremony; like 2 days before. UH UH. well..Me don't have any work on that day so Me decided why not. But seriously, my head not working that day i was so blured. HAH. LOL. Anyway, happy engage my dear. You are so not available anymore. hahahaha :0)

Ferringhi Walk

Last night, 15 Dec 2009 Me and my wife visited very interesting night market; its called Ferringhi Walk. Though i've done my degree @ USM Penang, Me never visited this place. LOL. When there with my bro & sis in law together with his sister. Lots of P-brand :) stuff to buy. ehe. For those who are shopaholic, this is a place for you. sis going nuts there. hahaha...

Majlis Bertandang Fairuz & Mazni

This is an outdoor session for Mazni & Fairuz. Taken near the Kota Tinggi River Side. It is a really tight spot actually for photography session. Anyway...Min, Din dan Nasa was there helping me posing the couples. It was a really fun sessions and a very well pose couples. ehe.. :)

Resepsi Mazni & Fairuz

Felda Tunggal in Gugusan Felda Adela was an official location for the Majlis Resepsi Mazni and Fairuz on 12 December 2009. Selamat Pengantin Baru to Mazni & Fairuz. May Allah bless you.

Kulim's KSRT Sport Carnival 2009

8 December 2009. The game was held @ Daiman Bowl, Johor Bahru. I was there as a Yellow Cheetah Manager. But a photographer i didnt forgot to bring along my gears. hhahaha.. time to test some shot with my new gear; Nikkor 80-200 f2.8. Well the lens were okay..but im a bit frustrated on the grainy effect. After all im only using crop body right?? :) Time to move to FX. hahahah...making a hole in my wallet. AWW...InsyaAllah when the time come, i will move on.

Resepsi Fina & Dahlan

The receptions was held at Dewan Taman Putri Wangsa, Ulu Tiram Johor. Went there with Zul & Azhar. Though on the same date i was really busy with my office work, i manage to escape myself (hehehe.. (^_^)v) to cover her receptions. Selamat Pengantin Baru.

Resepsi Ayu & Rizal

Ayu dan Rizal reception ceremony were on 30-11-2009 @ Kmpg Keruak, Besut Terengganu. It took me 45 minutes to reach the destination. Alhamdulillah I manage to cover the event with one of my colleague Angah. We wish you a happy & blessing Marriage :)

Resepsi Ieda & Rayme

28-11-2009 I manage to TAG with Tok Aji from HR PROSystem, Alor Lintang Besut Terengganu to covered 2 lovely couple celebrating their wedding day. Though on the day i should celebrate my wedding anniversary (thanks God my wife not mad :p). Anyway they are a great couples. wishing you "Selamat penganting baru, semoga bahagia selamanya)

Idul Adha 2009

My wife and i decided to celebrate this year IDUL ADHA @ my home town, Alor Lintang Besut Terengganu. All my family gathered for a small Qurban & Solat Hajat for our safeness. My wife decided we also do Aqiqah to our 43days boy. Alhamdulillah everything has gone well, though we not having so many visitor since the qariah had a lots of invitation. Anyway things are done not by quantity but with quality; InsyaAllah :)

Night Potraiture

Thanks to Shadi3, Tenno, Khairul, Hakim & Natrah for the outing. Its really well added knowledge session though its far of our main topic. hehehe.. The session was on Friday night @ Danga Bay, Jay Bee. We start a lil bit late; 10am and we finished at midnight. We should make this outing more frequent as SN said; stop TT go outing. YES !!!

Our Journey Has Begun

Finally me and wife has decide to name our son; aiman naqeeb. As for today his weight is 3.5kg which is 600g progress after 18 days. Alhamdulillah. Me with him for 18 days with a lot of challenge. There are still a lot of to come. He like to woke up 4.30am in morning and go back to sleep at 8.00am. Make me cant sleep. huuuu...even I got a dark circle around my eyes. Well...thats the fun part. hahahaha..Plus those flying "wee wee" :pWatching him smile in his sleep always make me happy.. :) hmmm...

My Boy boy was born on Sunday, 18 October 2009 at 8.08pm with 2.9kilo's in weight at Sultan Ismail Hospital. Actually, 18 October was the same date me engage with my wife. wuuhoo.. :) Me lucky enough to witness the process. gulp. so amazing how he pop-up coming out from..... :) We yet to name him, just keep thinking the suitable names. Anyway, papa wish you a good rich healthy life, grow to be the best person, loving mama & papa and everyone else, be a great leader and everything the best. But for now you should be a good model to papa, OK! replacing mama on leave. hehehe...

Engagement Hikmah & Irul

Congrats to my sister in law...She finally engaged. The ceremony were held on Saturday, 10 October 2009 @ Felda Ulu Tebrau, Johor. My wife and I were there since Friday night; giving hands on the ceremony preparation. So tired !!! My eyes has turned black lol. Anyway, its fun cooking. hahaha.. Well last year I enjoyed people doing it for me, so this year I should do something to return the favor, right. "Orang berbudi kita berbahasa".

Syifa Dhia Zulaikha

I know i have to do this. This week has been a really though week. So though for my soul to go through this hardship of losing... Photography has been my passion, and it has been part of my life. I have to do this. I know i have to keep going. Art do pretty much trained my right side brain. Though I'm a scientist where people said scientist tent to use their left side of the brain more often. Kids.....I'm speechless. Just look at her joy. It has been said enough.

Al Fatihah

Al Fatihah..buat arwah bonda yang tercinta. Bonda telah pergi meninggalkan kami pada Ahad, 27 Septermber 2009 bersamaan 8 Syawal 1430H di Hospital Kota Tinggi Johor. Semoga roh bonda dicucuri rahmat. Saya dengan rendah diri mewakili pihak keluarga memohon kepada para pembaca untuk menghadiahkan seikhlasnya Al-Fatihah kepada bonda kami, Tuan Kamilah Binti Syed Mohd Noor. Sumbangan tuan-puan untuk bonda kami ucapkan ribuan jutaan terima kasih. Semoga Allah membalas jasa tuan-puan yang budiman. Terima Kasih.

Happy Eid Mubarrak 1430H

Salam Aidil Firtri 1430H Still not to late for me to wish all readers a Happy Eid Mubarrak. This year festive holiday I went back to my hometown Besut, Kelantan :D It was a great traveling that took 17hours of my life on road to reach my destination. Hahaha.. there was a lot of malingering. My wife and I depart at 2200Hrs on 18th September. We took several pit stop taking photos, having breaks, sleeping etc. My back is killing me !! I wish I could stay longer but unfortunately we have to leave. Hmm.. Hey for those who still at 'Kampung' and yet to travel back, have a safe journey and drive wisely. Daa.. Spread your love in this holy month of Syawal...visit your friends and family.. Dont forget to bring a long your favorite bread. When you get caught up in Jem; spread it on and eat !! :D ... last but not least, watch your head don't get stuck to your car steering. Stop when you feel tired/sleepy. Avoid accident OK!

Tanjung Belungkor, Kota Tinggi

I was visiting SG PAPAN ESTATE for compound fertilizers sampling with Narsco-Kuok Fertilizers personnel. At the end of the trip, the driver decide to have a look how is the Tanjung Belungkor. Me myself nvr been there. It located almost 100km from Kota Tinggi town. So..wallah.. a nice place to have a peace of mind. But unfortunately there is no proper place to sit. It just a jetty for local fisherman. Smell so "fishy" here. haha..

Mama Outdoor

Bored at home we decide to have a dinner outside, thus a step closer completing my wife maternity photo album. 1 month to go dear :) and you'll be 9th month. So i can send all your photos for printing. Ssssooooo soooon. Next month im gonna be a dad. DAD i say not DEAD. My heart wont stop racing up. I always pray that i will be a great dad. yup..

Mohd Kamaruddin Jaffar - Reuters Daily View

Miahahahaha.. byk2 antar lepas jugak skeping. thehehe... :) photos can be view at >>here<<>>here<<

Outdoor Ikma & Irul

Merdeka !!!! Im uploading my post on Malaysia 52nd Independent Day with Ikma & Irul outdoor photo shot. Photos taken at Taman Tasek Pelangi Indah, Jay Bee. I'm doing a favor to my sister in law capturing her moment with her become to be hub-bee. Sorry fellas for those unacceptable technical error :D thehehe... It wont happen again. Anyway Im testing my new gadget D200.

Weekend Holiday

SMILE !!...alhamdulillah. My wife and i manage to have a great weekend holiday at Tunjuk Laut Beach Resort, Mersing together with my family in law :) . The resort are being manage by Damansara Asset Sdn Bhd; one of the subsidaries of Johor Corporation. Its quite nice place to have a rest after a chaotic week at work. We have a great time enjoying the great beach view. Feel like i don't wanna come home.. hehehe.. Anyway, more photos in my flickr.