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Motocross AT4

 Me and Zul was heading home after photo-shoot session at Felda Air Tawar 4 and we luckily bump to this motocross. It just a training session and it start up only with 2 riders. Suddently it has been heat up by almost 20 riders. Wooo what a cool jump we saw there. Youngest rider there was 12 years old. Wow. So young !!!

Resepsi Ismantie & Norhuda

Majlis Resepsi Norhuda and Ismantie was held at Felda Air Tawar 4, Kota Tinggi Johor on 24 January 2010. It is 45 minutes drive from Kota Tinggi Town and 25km from the famous Desaru Beach. Couple are in service of Royal Malaysia Police and both were looking great on their wedding dress.

Aiman 2nd Injection

Today 21 January 2010 was the day Aiman received his 2nd injection; Tritantrix. Its a combination of vaccine; hepatitis B, DTP and bla bla bla bla..... Hah im not a doctor :D but I know it make him cry. hahaha..ala buscuk nangis. Hope Aiman could recover soon. His body temp raising but hopefully his fever wont hit like previous injection. InsyaAllah..


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Maternity Album

At wife maternity album almost complete. After a long hold off; I manage to find times to finish it up. Few more pages and I'm done. Ready for printing. Cant wait to see how it will look ey mate. :) Har har..

What have be holding me off all this while? Complexity. But now I choose simplicity. emphasize more on each photos.

KSRT Carnival Final Games

Last Saturday, 16 January 2010 final game for futsal & netball was held at The KSRT Club House, Kulim (M) Berhad. Well it was fair fight between Red Scorpions (RS) vs Yellow Cheetah (my team) for netball game and RS vs White Cobra for futsal. Final score netball Yellow 14 : Red 10 & futsall Red 2 : White 1.

Professional Golfing @ your Backyard

There's a place call Horison Hill, Nusajaya provide you a luxurious residencies; a 5star golf course at your backyard. For those who are crazy bout golfing, you should consider buy a home here. May your wife nor worries ne more where were you on weekends :) I went there with Zulkifli Said in a mission finding the best photos to submit for the 2-in-1 photography challenge. Arrive there @ 5am n so xcited yet so blur. hahaha..

Putra Azim Al-Hafiz

YeaH!! Finally me able to take Putra to photoshoot after 3 consecutive days of cancellation due to bad weather etc. Photos taken @ Tmn Sri Saujana, Kota Tinggi. Such a sweet boy. Keep smiling. nice :)

New Year XtVT

Me freaking sad not to be able to go to Moonson Mayheem @ Dearu Beach last Saturday 2 Jan 2009 due to two things.

1 - Me working on that day. obviously cant skip, HAH !!
2 - "Must" to attend my wife cousin engagement at Pontian.

But Me enjoying myself @ KSRT (kelab sukan reakreasi tiram) for the semi final's game. Well as a team manager me should be there lol. Alhamdulillah my team are going to final for Netball and volleyball took at 4th place. Should have done better. sigh...