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Outdoor Ikma & Irul

Merdeka !!!! Im uploading my post on Malaysia 52nd Independent Day with Ikma & Irul outdoor photo shot. Photos taken at Taman Tasek Pelangi Indah, Jay Bee. I'm doing a favor to my sister in law capturing her moment with her become to be hub-bee. Sorry fellas for those unacceptable technical error :D thehehe... It wont happen again. Anyway Im testing my new gadget D200.

Weekend Holiday

SMILE !!...alhamdulillah. My wife and i manage to have a great weekend holiday at Tunjuk Laut Beach Resort, Mersing together with my family in law :) . The resort are being manage by Damansara Asset Sdn Bhd; one of the subsidaries of Johor Corporation. Its quite nice place to have a rest after a chaotic week at work. We have a great time enjoying the great beach view. Feel like i don't wanna come home.. hehehe.. Anyway, more photos in my flickr.

Sirkit Golf Amal Klinik Waqaf An-Nur

GOLF..i've have been invited to cover the game at the Nam Heng Country Club organized by Klinik Waqaf An-Nur & Kulim (M) Berhad. Unfortunately I only can cover only 1 day since i already has my own going to Tunjuk Laut Beach Resort..woooott :) a Birthday Boy Celebration. thehehe.. :P Hey today is my birthday, so i need to celebrate it.. Im getting older...but still young inside. More photos in here.

Ted Adnan Lighting Workshop

Waaa Laaa Weeeiii... Ted Adnan datang JB wei... The workshop has been conducted at Istana Garden, JB on the 1st August 2009. 1st time jumpe otai yg besar.hmm.. mmg die agak 'besar' pun, ke aku yg kecik??. wakakaka.. saudara Ted mmg sempoi. best la blaja ngan die. tak stress. hik hik hik.. Maaf la tak dpt TT dua mlm berturut-turut ngan tok guru sbb ade hal yg tak dpt d elakkn. Nnt jika turun JB lagi dan ada kesempatan, boleh la join TT Ted kt Osman "Bakar" yer.. kui..kui.. Pape pun thanks alot Mr Ted Adnan.