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Happy Eid Mubarrak 1430H

Salam Aidil Firtri 1430H Still not to late for me to wish all readers a Happy Eid Mubarrak. This year festive holiday I went back to my hometown Besut, Kelantan :D It was a great traveling that took 17hours of my life on road to reach my destination. Hahaha.. there was a lot of malingering. My wife and I depart at 2200Hrs on 18th September. We took several pit stop taking photos, having breaks, sleeping etc. My back is killing me !! I wish I could stay longer but unfortunately we have to leave. Hmm.. Hey for those who still at 'Kampung' and yet to travel back, have a safe journey and drive wisely. Daa.. Spread your love in this holy month of Syawal...visit your friends and family.. Dont forget to bring a long your favorite bread. When you get caught up in Jem; spread it on and eat !! :D ... last but not least, watch your head don't get stuck to your car steering. Stop when you feel tired/sleepy. Avoid accident OK!

Tanjung Belungkor, Kota Tinggi

I was visiting SG PAPAN ESTATE for compound fertilizers sampling with Narsco-Kuok Fertilizers personnel. At the end of the trip, the driver decide to have a look how is the Tanjung Belungkor. Me myself nvr been there. It located almost 100km from Kota Tinggi town. So..wallah.. a nice place to have a peace of mind. But unfortunately there is no proper place to sit. It just a jetty for local fisherman. Smell so "fishy" here. haha..

Mama Outdoor

Bored at home we decide to have a dinner outside, thus a step closer completing my wife maternity photo album. 1 month to go dear :) and you'll be 9th month. So i can send all your photos for printing. Ssssooooo soooon. Next month im gonna be a dad. DAD i say not DEAD. My heart wont stop racing up. I always pray that i will be a great dad. yup..

Mohd Kamaruddin Jaffar - Reuters Daily View

Miahahahaha.. byk2 antar lepas jugak skeping. thehehe... :) photos can be view at >>here<<>>here<<