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4 month

Time flies so fast. Now "Botak" already 4 month 2 weeks years old. Current progress he began to lay down on his chest. hahaha.. :D is this correct way to say it. Paham-paham je lewww.. So next project, canvas printing. 20 x 20 inch.

Hafifi & Mailiza

Parit Raja, Batu Pahat Johor was my pit stop on 20 February 2010 for Hafifi and Mailiza wedding ceremony. The event were so happening estimated more then 2000 guesses. The groom and the bride were absolutely marvelous in their dress. We had a good photography session and I'm honored to be able to covered their big day.  

We Were In France !!!

We wish it !! InsyaAllah :D My CNY holiday was brought us to this Berjaya Hotel & Resort in Bentong Pahang. Nothing much we can enjoy there plus it is really crowded due to public holiday. Well it is really nice architecture design; similarly design as a french country. We stay there for one night and headed home on the next morning.

Pre Wed - Hafifi & Mailiza

Thanks to Hafifi and Mailiza for spending their valuable time to be my models though their big day were not so far from the corner. They were so cooperative. My thanks also goes to Photo Republic and Areald for accompanied me during the session.The session was held after me and Areald went to the Inter Kite Festival @ Bandar Dato Onn.

Inter. Kite Festival 2010

It has been a while me not update my blog. Luckily today 12-02-2010 my sis in law stop by at my house so I borrow her Maxis BB. wahahaha..I can update my blog. 
Anyway on the last 6 Feb 2010 me and my office mate Areald have the opportunity to go to the 2010 Inter Kite Festival @ Bandar Dato Onn, JB. We went there after our half day office hour, with the sun directly above our head :D we still go shooting. Well at least me learn some great shoot. Thanks Areald.