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When two friend meet

Aiman & Ahardiyatt !! I have tonne of fun time taking photo this two kids. super cute.... Nice weather + cool sun = FUN!!! :) Small accident happen but it not limiting my fun. Heh! Though i bit mad. hehehe..more photo of em in my flickr. Enjoy!!

Tambun & Cameron HighlandTrip

Last Friday my family & I went to The Lost World of Tambun, Perak & Cameron Highland, Pahang. The trip organized by R&D Department and this is our first bus trip :) Well, wat an experiences !! Haha..but i have my own fun. Arrived @ 8am and we wait till 10am before we can get in. Hah! ~~

Big Boy

Time does flies so fast. My boy 8 month now. owhhh~~ so fast. I still feel he like aaaa 3 month yesterday :0) but owhhh~~ didn't realize he grown up so quick. But..this pics sure does stay forever. My memory, our story.

Syikin & Kushamsul

 Yippa!!  This is my latest assignment after long break. LOL!! Like 2 month :) lil bit rusty but I've completed with flying color.Hoohohoho. Congrats to Syikin and Shamsul. The ceremony taken @ Taman Gunung Emas, Ulu Tiram Johor.