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tinggal lagi 4 jam ;)..
Damn..the clock just past 11.00pm. and we still on 9th October. my eyes getting itchy and i cant stop to spoil the mood here goes.
So what about "revolusi" anyway? below are the thing that i wish and would like to do to strengthen my blog in terms of content primarily and increase my blog reader. hoh!

Here we Go!!
1 - i will upload more photo during each of my posting since a lot of out there didn't know how to browse using flickr. not i lazy before but im just concerning on the limited space given by blogger lah.

2 - i will write more in Bahasa. Oh lupa..bermula sekarang kerana pasaran sasaran saya adalah didalam negara. Namun sedikit sebanyak artikel masih lagi ditulis in English you knoee... ;)

3 - pelan 2 tahun adalah meningkatkan jumlah pengunjung kepada 10,000 20,000 orang dan >1000 pengikut dengan menjalankan dan menganjurkan pelbagai aktiviti dan promosi yang lebih agresif.

4 - meningkatkan daya saing jurugambar sampingan dalam dunia fotografi dengan member servis yang bagus dan kualiti yang terbaekkk..

Ini adalah perancangannya. Segala terdaya akan dilakukan dan selebihnya terserah kepada yang Maha Esa. Apa yang penting kita berusaha...Chiiiokk!!!


Sabah bah..

Wazzup!!!!! last week from 18-23 im in Sabah baahhh...attending ASPFA Seminar and continue with my holiday ;) So this is my 1st time being in Sabah; Kota Kinabalu to be exactly. My rating for KK is a fair. Travel cost is expensive and food...emmmm not suit me so well. Anyway mount Kinabalu was so cold. Recommended to go hiking :)
thourgh my window


Map to MKK

Poring River

Celebrating Naqeeb 1st besday

Next week 18 Oct 2010 will be Aiman Naqeeb 1st besday but unfortunately I'm flying to Sabah that day. hwaaaa :( no worries. Naqeeb & his mom will join me on 21st celebrating his besday @ Sabah :) Lots has happen between me and him. My love has become stronger each day. aahhhh~wat a worderful feeling. :")
Well.. before I fly to Sabah, my wife and i decided to celebrate Aiman Naqeeb 1st birthday a day before the actual day. Too bad he is not in the mood of celebrating it. hoh..

Syed & Azzwaa

This is my cousin assignment. woott..look at the card but it is not complete since he got the longgest name eva!! Syed Norkhairul Idzwan Bin Syed Otman Imanuddin. dowww !! :p The job was fun cause we had a grand VIP. hehehe :) Anyway...happy married bro.

Fadhilah & Syarul Reception

Hola !!! Kicking of my October 2010 wif fadhilah and Syahrul reception ceremony held at Parit Baring, Parit Raja Batu Pahat, Johor. hey...berapa byk parit daaa.... :p So i went there super early 5.30 in morning. took me bout 2hour to arrive at her home plus with the sesat. haha...anyway, everything is went well. The bride we superb, the dress is mebolecious, the pelamin kau cantik nyah... :p everything is so awwwsome. Thanks all for your contribution to this event. chioww. More photo in my gallery.