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Night Potraiture

Thanks to Shadi3, Tenno, Khairul, Hakim & Natrah for the outing. Its really well added knowledge session though its far of our main topic. hehehe.. The session was on Friday night @ Danga Bay, Jay Bee. We start a lil bit late; 10am and we finished at midnight. We should make this outing more frequent as SN said; stop TT go outing. YES !!!

Our Journey Has Begun

Finally me and wife has decide to name our son; aiman naqeeb. As for today his weight is 3.5kg which is 600g progress after 18 days. Alhamdulillah. Me with him for 18 days with a lot of challenge. There are still a lot of to come. He like to woke up 4.30am in morning and go back to sleep at 8.00am. Make me cant sleep. huuuu...even I got a dark circle around my eyes. Well...thats the fun part. hahahaha..Plus those flying "wee wee" :pWatching him smile in his sleep always make me happy.. :) hmmm...